One and Five Gallon Containers

Our bio-polymer liquid solutions provide dependable performance throughout the water treatment market.

Liquid solutions are extremely effective  for treatment of:

Metals   Oils
Hydrocarbons   Agricultural Waste Streams
Algae   Sediment


Biostar-CH products are designed and formulated to effectively treat a wide range of projects relating to activities such as mining, construction, drilling, agricultural, energy production, waste and storm water, and contaminated soil remediation.

The use of Biostar-CH products along with filtration such as gravity settling, bio-filtration, and other conventional filtration systems and methods, ensures that discharge water is safe, clean, and within the effluent guidelines established and enforced.

Treated water can also be reused in operations such as mining, sand and gravel operations, and other water use dependent industries reducing their overall environmental impact.

Biostar-CH products enable successful water treatment and discharge compliance.

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