Product Availability

Biostar-CH products are available throughout the United States and International markets.

Biodegradable Hydrocarbon Free
Burlap Treatment Bag

Effective slow-release water treatment in an environmentally friendly bag. This material is not recommended for high flow applications.

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Geo-Textile Treatment Bag

Designed for high flow applications and dependable dosage and treatment.

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One and Five Gallon Containers

Sized for the smaller project. Economical quantities and easy to handle.

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Fifty-Five Gallon Drum

Mid-range size for projects requiring higher treatment rates and longer project use.

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Large Capacity Totes

For large-scale projects requiring long term and high quantity water treatment.

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Biostar-CH Advantages

  • Non toxic, non hazardous, and completely bio-degradable.
  • EPA approved for water treatment including drinking water.
  • Non soil specific. Able to treat a broad range of soil types.
  • Easy to use and safe to handle.
  • Cost effective.
  • Natural bio-polymer with no residual accumulation.